StreamTimer is a smart countdown clock for web streaming and live events that keeps your audience watching. Made with love in Seattle, USA.

Back Story

StreamTimer was created by Seattle-based live video broadcast & design company Punch Drunk Productions. We built StreamTimer after discovering there was no good way to let an audience know when an event or web stream was going to start.

There were a variety of basic countdown clocks available, but nothing really designed for the audience. Certainly nothing that was both audience-facing and useful for a production crew.

So we decided to build it ourselves. Along the way, we realized this would also be a perfect solution for instantly creating launch page URLs for events and streams that could be used instead of the final destination URL while event websites are being built or web streams are being configured.

The result is StreamTimer: a fully-customizable, smart countdown clock for web streaming and live events.


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StreamTimer keeps your audience watching.