Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use StreamTimer?

StreamTimer has two main use cases: as a web landing page and as a video source for a live event or broadcast.

As a landing page:

Create your StreamTimer countdown clock online on the “create new timer” page. Include your website or event URL in the “Automatically load ULR” option. Then launch the “viewer” page with the button on the bottom. This will open a URL in a new tab.

Copy that URL and distribute to your invite list or audience as far ahead of your event as you want. You can even create and distribute this URL before your own website is live or before your streaming event is active: just add your website, Twitch, or streaming URL once you have it and click “update” on the settings page.

The StreamTimer URL will automatically go to your URL when the clock hits zero.

As a video source:

Broadcast teams and webcasters use StreamTimer as an input in a video switcher. StreamTimer goes live before everything else and keeps the audience engaged while they are waiting for the program to begin.

Once you’ve created a countdown timer for your event, launch the viewer page in a new web browser window. Then drag that window to a 2nd monitor output on a computer that is connected to your video switcher (like by a Decimator, Blackmagic, or other convertor box). Then maximize the web browser window and – voila – StreamTimer goes live until the show begins.

What kind of software works with StreamTimer?

StreamTimer outputs an HTML webpage that is compliant with all modern web browsers. This means the countdown pages will work in all major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera).

You can use the URL directly in web streaming software like Wirecast, Xsplit, and OBS or output the fullscreen window to a video switcher or capture device.

What hardware and video switchers work with StreamTimer?

Any computer that can output an HD signal through HDMI or a 2nd monitor output can get StreamTimer’s countdown clock into your video switcher. From there it’s compatible with any type of video switcher.

We recommend the Decimator MD-LX, MD-HX or Blackmagic Design HDMI to SDI Micro Converter to get an HDMI signal out of your computer and into a video switcher.

Does StreamTimer replace D'San or other presentation clock systems?

Nope! In fact, it makes a perfect addition to D’San Speaker Timer Pro or other timer systems designed to keep a presentation on track. StreamTimer is designed to keep your audience engaged before the show starts rather than keep your presenters on time during the actual event.

Where do the photographs come from in the themes?

All the theme photos are sourced from Unsplash, which is a phenomenal community of photographers who contribute their work to be used for anything. Photo credits:

Accomplish: Jonathan Daniels / Ascent: Alexandre Godreau / Beyond: Rob Bates / Brush: Joanna Kosinska / Burst: Aditya Chinchure / Chalk: Daniil Avilov / Connect: Alejandro Escamilla / Dazzle: Fabio Ballasina / Firepower: Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita / Forever: Frank McKenna / Focus: Sebastian Muller / Promise: Matheus Ferrero / Reach: Samuel Zeller / Retreat: Andrew Neel / Show Stopper: veeterzy / Showtime: Sticker Mule / Slats: Paul / Sprawl: Andre Benz / Turf: Sandro Schuh

StreamTimer keeps your audience watching.